The Giant is awakening. If you cant beat them, join them.

China has risen from long-standing poverty to the second largest economy in the world. Since Shanghai is the first tier city of China, it is representative of the development of China over the years. You will have an eye opening experience that will widen your horizon through a peek into the Shanghai business world and the booming e-commerce platform.

Through industrial visit and interaction with the founder/employees, you not only have a better understanding of the real commercial world, and also the challenges that they might face in the journey.


Gain insights into real world business
and entrepreneurship scene in Asia

Gain access to top companies as well as start-ups, and upclose interaction with the founders or key management in the organization

Hands-on business experiences through product acquisition and negotiation with businessmen

Interactive session with student entrepreneurs and learn from their experience

Immerse into the unique culture of China, experience the vibrant lifestyle and explore local landscapes

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