Vietnam is one of the fastest country in term of rising GDPs in Asia itself, the gap between the wealthy and the poor is becoming larger. Over the last 20 years, the renovation and open door policy in Vietnam have created favourable conditions for the development of strong business in all non-state economic and social organizations. Clearly, businesses have made significant contribution to Vietnam economic achievement and growth, the same with social organizations in implementing various socio-economic objectives, such as poverty reduction, environmental protection, social justice, etc. With the influences from the needs of daily life, many social initiatives have been implemented using business activities as tools to achieving social solutions for the community, which is Social Enterprise model.

In Vietnam, the growth of social entrepreneurship has been aided by the growth of micro-credit institutions and by the government adopting freer market policies. Social Enterprises have been formed from social initiatives, based on a demand solving a concrete problem of the community and led by entrepreneurial spirit of the founders. The unique spontaneous and dynamic characteristics resulted in the legging behind of public awareness in comparison with living development of social enterprises. To date, there are nearly 300 organizations in Vietnam that are considered to have typical characteristics of Social Enterprises.

The 6D5N program is designed to take the participants through some of the most lucrative ventures in social business working with people with disadvantaged or special disabilities. The participants will understand the inner workings of innovative Vietnamese social enterprises in Ho Chi Minh working towards breaking poverty cycles.


Handicraft Village

Participants get to visit the vocational school that teaches the underprivilege a skillset to create crafts work. At the same time, the participants will be given opportunities to learn how to create a craftwork too.

Social Enterprises

  • Technology: Visit some of the Technology companies who hires coders and designers with disability e.g. Enable Code
  • Food & Beverages: Get to dine at a restaurant that has a training arm to equip the underprivileged youths with a skillset for a living. Many of the trainees stayed on at the restaurants after graduating, participants will get to meet, interact and be served by these group of graduates.


  • There are a rising number of incubators/accelerators that specializes in incubating/accelerating companies with a social cause. Be it Agricultural or providing Education, Water and Sanitation and Healthcare for the public at a lower cost and made more accessible.
  • Understand how these incubators function to provide support for Social Enterprises in Vietnam.

Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park (VSIP)

  • A rising demand for townships and industrial parks has led to a collaboration with Singapore on seven VSIPs in Vietnam.
  • These VSIPs are the result of a joint venture between Singapore’s Sembcorp Development and Vietnamese partner, Becamex IDC.

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