Singapore is both an island and a country, but perhaps its best description is that of city-state. Like the great city-states of the past, it offers civilization and order in the highest degree. Its combination of Western-style development and Eastern-style calm seems to present the best of both hemispheres.

Over the years, Singapore has evolved from its traditional British-based education system to one that endeavors to meet the needs of individuals and seeks to nurture talents. The strength of Singapore’s Education system lies in its bilingual policy and a broad-based curriculum where innovation and entrepreneurship command a premium.  

Singapore is truly a vibrant cosmopolitan country. Indeed, with its people and lifestyle, economy, attractions, arts and sports scenes and its reputation as a gourmet paradise, there is simply no excuse not to make Singapore your one experience of a life time!


English Lesson with well-known institution (British Council, Tanglin Trust)

Professional and interactive English lessons with immediate application through different activities and also train interpersonal skills

Exchange with international students to widen their global perspective

Build stronger friendship and gain deeper understanding of the cultural differences

We place your safety as priority

Our facilitators are professionally trained and we ensure students can learn in a safe and cozy environment. We have developed a comprehensive emergency protocol to handle all sort of circumstances

Immerse in Singapore’s unique culture

Explore and discover the multinational culture and experience bilingualism

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