As a parent (especially from Asia), if you are thinking of sending your child overseas to further their studies, Singapore is an ideal option that you’ll want to consider.

Compared to United States, United Kingdom and Australia etc., there are many advantages of taking Singapore as a location to spring board your child to further their studies.

In this Edutour, parents will get to find out the insider facts and knowledge about Singapore Education Scene and make an informed decision.

After all, it is your child’s future at stake. It is important that you consider all options.


Understand the Singapore Education System and Climate

Assess and accelerate your child’s readiness to study in Singapore

Gain clarity on where your child stands now in terms of their academic standards in Singapore.

Receive a customised education route map specially planned for your child and explore the options available

Visit the schools in Singapore to bask in the school environment and experience the culture. Most importantly, have an indepth understanding of the school.

Work out the investment required for your child’s education and expenses in Singapore with our professional financial advisor

Check out the choice of accommodations for students and even possible property investment in Singapore.

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